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God machine translation company translation company is a large machine translation company in China, has rich experience in machine translation in a variety of areas. God machine translation company China Office recently obtained by Germany funded investor, based in Beijing, China and is committed to China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to provide machine translation services. Company consolidates resources around, and in Beijing, China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places set up a machine translation company Division, translation of foreign investments to depending on the development of local markets. God machine translation company translators with excellent levels of machine translation, all of the company's machine translation has deep industry background and experience in machine translation, with a deep understanding of the translation industry, so as to ensure the quality of machine translation project. Company is committed to providing each customer with fast machine translation service, and become a ditch bridge of God's world and China.  

God machine translation company after years of development, has become one of China's most famous brand of machine translation. God machine translation company headquarter with its professional machine translation team and many years of experience in translation, well God  LISA  localization certification. God machine translation company provides machine translation services for many of the world's top 500 enterprises. Machine translation company China headquarters and China held several large exhibitions and offers advanced interpreting and simultaneous interpretation services at the International Conference, Chinese machine translation company has professional staff responsible for simultaneous interpretation projects, comprehensive to provide technical support to local customers. Machine translation and machine translation company China headquarters of China TV station, all the work done in the Studio.  

as one of the areas well-known machine translation company, meaning God, uphold the integrity and value of machine translation company translation company, focused on providing China with machine translation and localization services. God machine translation company and after obtaining machine translation company China investment, meaning God-Japanese machine translation companies in China and national expansion, formed in China as the core, and radiation Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities of art network. Chinese machine translation machine translation company has dominated the China market. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you!  




mechanical file is the basis of expert evaluation, projects can buy success, mechanical file is one of the most important factors. But mechanical files, there are a lot of problems, Beijing Institute of Education Department of educational technology Director, evaluation expert Chang Lianzhong, from a point of view of evaluation experts, analyses the   mechanical issues in the file.

some mechanical documentation requirements are not clearly written, often ambiguous. Read the entire mechanical files, expert knowledge of the procurement project is scanty, did not understand what owners want to buy something, do not know what purchasing things, the expert's bid to bring a great deal of trouble. Sometimes the experts can only guess by experience what is the main thing, but apparently this human factors will increase.

is will appeared this situation, Chang Lianzhong think, owners and mechanical agent institutions are has responsibility, for example owners only said to built a campus network, but and no to out detailed of technology requirements; and making   mechanical file of agent institutions, may also just put campus network God with of some data and requirements prepared up, but more detailed of specifications is no, also no and user do enough of Exchange.   Mechanical documentation is not fine, and detrimental to the parties: buyer in purchasing their own unsatisfactory products; bidders have wasted time and money; bring a lot of trouble to the expert evaluation.

therefore, the owner must first make their needs clear and illustrative purposes, mechanical agents in making machinery files handy when experts at the time of the bid will be targeted according to owner needs to bid.

mechanical agents in the mechanical process, plays the owner of the staff of such a role. When owners can't explain on technical details, may authorize mechanical agent to write. ,&Nbsp; mechanical agents and owners should ditch God, truly understand the needs of owners and uses. Under this premise, then do research, including analysis of markets, demonstrating technical requirements, international and industry standards, and so on, in order to make a "reasonable"   mechanical file.

design and mechanical review including the review, assessment of the machinery. Review of the bidding documents, primarily in the tender documents and whether they meet the requirements of mechanical documents for review. Bid opening shall be substantially responsive   mechanical documentation requirements. Assessment of tender documents, mainly to assess the technical aspects of the bids and quotes. Due to the different design, you need to review the contents of many, in order to scientifically determine the winner, should conduct a comprehensive evaluation of mechanical, the main accreditation includes the following aspects.

(1) the pros and cons of design

   on design programme of review, main is review design guideline whether right, whether reflected mechanical file of basic requirements; products programme, and process whether reflect both at home and abroad similar project of more advanced level; General layout of rationality, and site using coefficient whether reasonable; alterations and development of possibilities; equipment selection of applicability, and economic sex; "waste" governance programme whether effective; main buildings, and structures of structure whether reasonable, styling whether beautiful generous, and Reflect new design concepts, coordination with the environment and other related issues.

(2) the input and output of cost-effectiveness

mainly for construction standards are reasonable; estimated investment exceeds the limit; advanced products, processes can bring return on investment; may be required for the achievement of the programme estimates of foreign exchange and risk analysis.

(3) schedule

major review of design cast machine schedule meet the robots develop total project schedule requirements; coordination and cooperation with other units of measure are valid, and so on.

(4) the rationality of the quotation

at the programme level, offers unified design quote on the basis of comparison to assess not only the total price, you should also review the reasonableness of the itemized charges.

(5) design qualifications and social reputation

because of its special design, design qualifications, experience and reputation of the design units have higher requirements. While the bidding was done before the test, but at the time of bid evaluation design qualifications and social credibility remains an important review.  


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