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Arabic translation

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     in Arabic is one of the major languages of the world. From the Arabian Peninsula, through "fat month Bay" (the number of Arabic-speaking countries in Western Asia, country area, Crescent-like, hence the name. ) Has been extended to a wide strip of the Atlantic, speaks this language. It is the official language of the following countries: Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, South Yemen, and Oman, and Kuwait, and Bahrain, and Qatar, and Iraq, and Syria, and Jordan, and Lebanon, and Egypt, Sudan, Libya, and Tunisia, and Algeria and Morocco. As a native language Arabic has more than 110 million people. In addition, a number of other countries still have millions of Hindus knows something of some degree of Islam in Arabic, because it is the language of Islam and the Holy Koran.

     in 1974, Arabic is the Sixth United Nations working languages.   Great languages come from large Empire, Arabic is no exception. The Semitic language closely associated with the Hebrew, its use until the Seventh century ad is still confined to the Arabian Peninsula, but when after the victory of Islam in the Seventh century and achieved noticeable, the use of this language is much more than its original boundaries, almost entirely replaced the Iraq, and Syria, and Egypt and North Africa before the language used. With the victory of Islam hundreds of years further in the future, in Arabic, in the East as far as Afghanistan and West as far as Spain God's vast area.   Arabic alphabet is believed to be derived from an ancient people called the Nabatean, but what is the alphabet when, where, and how is it produced, which is still a controversial issue. Muhammad had earlier been used two types of ink: a Warren winiarski (Naskhi), which is commonly used in books and God cursive; another called kufeike (Kufic), this is italicized text, primarily for decorative purposes.

     is now 28-letter alphabet consists basically of consonants, vowel sounds, indicated by plus symbols above or below the letters. But these symbols of God is often omitted, only in primary school textbooks and only appears in all versions of the Quran. As with other Semitic languages, Arabic is written from right-to-left, Arabic words or terms in many other languages, such as Persian, Pashto, Urdu and Sindhi.   Spoken Arabic varies depending on the country, but in classical Arabic the language of the Quran from the Seventh century onwards but basically nothing changes, it is a powerful unifying force make the Arabic development and standardization. When educated Arabs from countries met together, they tend to use classical Arabic to communicate, in the Arabian Peninsula's southern coast, one Arabic-speaking several dialects, these dialects collectively as South Arabic, but the differences between these dialects and the Northern Arabic is so great that people often as an independent language South Arabic  


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