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Advertising translation

abstracts: advertising translation activity is not only an economic activity, is also a cultural exchange. Advertising translation culture is subordinated to the subculture of commercial culture, itself contains a commodity culture and marketing culture. International advertising is cross-border, cross-cultural marketing forms of propaganda. China's international advertising in the implementation process, in terms of language used in advertising translation, translation plays an important role, also is facing due to cultural and language differences brought about by the difficulties. International advertising translation is different from other styles of translation, translators need to have language, society and culture, folklore, aesthetic principles of Economics, psychology, marketing, advertising, and other aspects of knowledge translation have to adopt a new strategy.

key words: international advertising intercultural language and culture differences in translation

as the international division deepening, the development and the trend of increasing global economic integration, international commodity flow God has become increasingly frequent. Each country in order to compete for the world market, compete to sell their products, one of the most important marketing tool is the use of advertising their goods and the reputation of manufacturers to introduce to the international. In China, due to continuous development and improvement of the market economic system and opening to increasing economic activity, international advertising industry to flourish, it not only brings Chinese new products and services or to introduce Chinese commodities to consumers in foreign countries, but also is the carrier of culture.

advertising translation and is not only an economic activity, is also a cultural exchange, it is like an invisible hands around people's lifestyle and spending habits. Advertising culture is subordinated to commercial culture, subculture, and includes marketing culture and commodity culture. The product itself is a cultural carrier, culture God merchandise spreading, commodity culture and proliferation of God. In China, the God merchandise spreading culture in the era of the Silk Road, silk road to the western regions not only silk, silk as carrier, spread of ancient Eastern culture to the Western world. Commodity culture is the essence of product design, production, packaging, decoration and displayed in the development of the cultural added value, is the spirit of the times, the dialectical unity of spirit and scientific spirit of the nation and goods using the dialectical unity of function and aesthetic features of goods (HU: 1995). It is the core content of advertising culture. Marketing culture refers to the culture as prerequisite to closest to people's psychological needs, temperament, aesthetic principles of marketing arts and philosophy, it is concentrated forms of advertising culture, commodity culture to marketing culture without the ultimate realization of God. Advertising culture has an obvious mass, business, nation and the characteristics of the times. Certain cultural traditions, beliefs and values, to a large extent about the commercial operators and consumer psychology, behavior, thus affecting the national advertising campaign. International advertising is cross-border, cross-cultural marketing forms of propaganda, it faces not only the language of conversion issues. If simply ads translate into domestic success importing text directly to move out, the consequences are often bad. Because domestic and international advertising advertising face language, compared to traditional habits, regulations, education, environment, religion, economic status and other differences. In the implementation of China's international advertising, in the use of language, translation plays an important role. Translator is the Messenger in cross-cultural communication and cultural exchange. International commercial translation and literary translation of news, science and technology, and other style is different, because it emphasizes more socio-economic and cultural factors in the translation.

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