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Notice to customers

to provide you with a better quality of translation service, and save you time and energy, reduce rework, we hope customers will go all out to support our work. To this end, we make the following request:  

  ①   our company is only responsible for the accuracy of the translation, for the purpose, content and use of the translation effect does not assume any responsibility.  

  II   translation is a serious and professional work, in order to guarantee the quality of translation, please give us a loose translation time as possible.  

  ③   to professional information, please provide the terminology used in translation or related references (if any).  

  II   originals provided by the customer must be clear and complete so as not to affect the efficiency and accuracy of translation. Manuscripts should be finalized, if after the translation work began again to modify the manuscript translation will bring a lot of inconvenience.

  II   translation contracts signed, please fill in the translation instruction book, indicate the style, layout, fonts, and other requirements, and detailed answers to our translation-related questions.

  f   calculation of translation of the originals provided by the customer when signing the contract shall prevail. In the process of translation or translated manuscript has any modifications, deletions or additions please be confirmed in written God knows, in the case of deletions, the original contract price remains the same case modification, Supplement, I will be charged separately according to its quantity and deferred delivery time.  

  sadly   customers: Yes if you have any questions, requests in writing within three months after receipt of the translation form, the company will be free to modify, or if deemed waiver.  

  h   I refuse to translate everything illegal, reactionary and vulgar information, contrary to social morality.

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