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Translation Almost all types Information The Translation
Oral intepretation : Pushenkou translation, simultaneous interpretation including reception, business negotiations, conferences, foreign activities, press releases, training, interviews, tour guide
Software localization : Computer software translation, typesetting, compiling, debugging
Web site localization : Translation of a Web page, upload
Print : Typesetting, proofreading, translation and printing.
Translation areas: Translation, translation of Shaoxing siming, Xiamen, Quanzhou, translation, translation, Fuzhou of various regions of the country, such as translation services.

English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Spain, and Italy, Portuguese, Russian, and Portugal language, the Netherlands, and Greece, and Sweden, and Finland, and Poland, and Denmark language, Czech language,
Hebrew, Serbia, and Romania, Thai, Arabic, Viet Nam language, and Mongolia language, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese and other more than 40 languages.

Finance, trade law, machinery, electronics IT project bidding on contracts, network  Social Sciences, humanities
Patent enterprise real estate, advertising, marketing, certification, assessment of medical and chemical beauty, fashion

Pushen class : Business letters/documents, news, reports, company profiles, resume, application

Technology class : Machinery, IT, electronics, electrical, network, shenxin, automotive, aviation, marine, construction, food, chemical industry, medicine, geology, environment, energy, printing, farming and other specialized products, technical data, manuals, test report

Legal class : Laws and regulations, government documents, contract, articles of Association and internal rules and regulations, registration information, various types of supporting documents, notarization information, memoranda, testimonial, patent documents, litigation documents

Financial class Related to finance, accounting, securities, insurance, taxes, and so on. Specific information includes accounting, financial statements, audit reports, market research reports, accounting systems, financial regulations, documents, articles, etc

Bid class : Various types of tendering and bidding of construction project information

Management classes : Business, company, Government Department, internal control documents, certification information and training materials

Humanities : Advertising and promotional materials, literature, the arts, the Humanities (such as sociology, anthropology, history, archaeology) information

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