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TEL: 15392031988
Typical customer

Government class

•   Xiamen Government specify translation company

•   Zhejiang China   CICGF   Arts   drama section specifies the translation company

•   specify translation company Xiamen municipal foreign investment promotion center

•   economic and technological development zone to specify translation company in Xiamen City

•   investment promotion Bureau of Quanzhou specify translation company


•   Bank of China

•   Bank

•   Bank

•   Bank

•   Germany Frankfurt Bank  


•   translation of God used auto parts

•   Shanghai Volkswagen drawings translation

•   import and export company based in Xiamen

•   Geely automobile company

•   Mercedes-Benz   Xiamen German interpretation;

  engineering God

•   telecom branch in Xiamen of Fujian province specify translation company

•   Fujian Xiamen branch a specified translation company

•   company limited Xiamen waveguide specify translation company

•   aux mobile phone manual translation

  construction and real estate classes

•   huarong construction group company limited

•   construction group, Zhejiang Greentown

•   Xiamen construction group company limited

•   Xiamen architectural design Institute

•   Xiamen youngor real estate


•   specify translation company of Xiamen international fashion Festival

•   Xiamen xiaxin group specify translation company

•   Golden Dragon group limited company specify translation company

•   of the Xiamen group specify translation company

•   Xiamen peacebird group specify translation company


•   Xiamen Hong Kong law firm

•   Xiamen United lawyers of the verification report of the audit report

•   boning Law Office   of the legal act;

  health care

•   second people's Hospital of Xiamen

•   first people's Hospital of Xiamen equipment manuals

•   Xiamen machinery, Ltd

  financial investment

•   of Formosa Plastics Group business plan

•   Mitsubishi heavy industries of the business plan


•   China Motor Group limited in Japanese business, accompanied by translation;;

•   group Xiamen sea days in Arabic, accompanied by a business translation;;

•   Xiamen Jin Tian copper company of the product manual

•   Alibaba technology of Xiamen, Ltd business, accompanied by translation;

•   huaxiang group, accompanied by German business translation;  

•   Xiamen port authority of the machinery used, manual operation

•   refinery company in Quanzhou in the hydrogenation of valve product operation manual (translation)

•   Samsung technology of Xiamen, Ltd the machine instructions of the company (in German, Spain) and on-site interpretation

•   of Xiamen hotel contract

•   Xiamen aux group of the mobile phone user manual

•   de horse Teck production and logistics of Siemens   (German language) interpreter

•   haitai group Spain interpretation

•   Germany Siemens of the hair dryer product description

•   Xiamen CITIC international hotel of the company (Korean)

•   Mitsubishi   (Japanese) interpretation

•   Shanghai automation instrumentation company limited of the automation system of the sale contract

•   HP HP of the product description

•   Su Ning group advertising

•   Hangzhou Oriental letters of the company information

•     of the deli company product manual;

foreign trade logistics

•   base in Xiamen import and export limited company specify translation company;

•   broad import and export company in Xiamen to specify translation company;

•   import and export company limited of LongYan specify translation company

•   Xiamen gemay co specify translation company

•   Hoya Corporation, specify translation company in Xiamen

Hotel class

•   CITIC international hotel guests to specify translation company

•   nanyuan hotel guests interpretation to specify translation company

•   Xiamen Kaiyuan hotel guests to specify translation company

•   Xiamen hotel guests to specify translation company

•   Xiamen Mandarin prosperous Hotel specify translation company

•   Xiamen Golden port Hotel specify translation company

travel agent classes

•   of CITs foreign visitor interpretation

•   China cyts tours guests interpretation

•   zhe LUN overseas visitors interpretation

quality certification class

•   Xiamen petroleum chemical industry Research Institute

•   refinery in Quanzhou company quality certification report

chemistry and chemical engineering

•   petrochemical refinery company limited specify translation company in Quanzhou, China

•   chemical engineering limited company specify translation company in Xiamen

consulting and studying in class  

•   translation company youngor going abroad

•   municipal Public Security Bureau in Xiamen overseas translation companies


•   ad art company in Xiamen

•   Xiamen da advertising company

•   and advertising company in Xiamen

•   Xiamen wood advertising company  

network software

•  -enterprise online network in Xiamen specify translation company

•   Xiamen sang network translation company

•   speed network translation company in Xiamen

•   interconnection Chuangye technology development company   Xiamen;

•   West coast of Xiamen software technology limited  

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