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The development trend of China theme park prediction

first, the theme park and location to suit prevailing market conditions and consumption levels. For example, in 1989, the splendid opening when Chinese want to travel China's major tourist area, apparently without the spending power, that is to say, splendid China miniature parks, such as is in accordance with prevailing conditions. But if it is still built around the year of splendid China, certainly out because the way people travel and consumption has greatly changed, so splendid China in form of park operations now have changed a lot. Another one is the choice of location, like theme park under construction, including Happy Valley, we often choose big cities closer to downtown and the suburbs and public transport in particular developed regions, because the Chinese people are far to the point where everyone has a car.

1. The product of theme parks and the site selection shall meet the temporal market  conditions and consumption level. For example, in 1989 when the Rushed China opened for business , Chinese people wanted to travel through all the major tourist areas, however, it is  obviously that they had no such consumption ability, that is to say, Rushed China and other  parks giving priority to the micro-landscape meet the national conditions at that time. However , it is certain to be out of time to build the Rushed China at that time around  the whole China, because people''s ways of travelling and consumption have changed greatly  already. Therefore, the form of park operation of Rushed China has changed a lot currently.  Another is the selection of site, just like the theme park being constructed, including  the happy valley. We often choose an area in the big city which is relatively close to  the middle of the downtown and suburbs and which has especially convenient transportation,  because Chinese is far from reaching the status of owning a car by every household.

Second, focus on culture and packaging. Both folk village, a window on the world and in the Happy Valley, and now the Eco-Park, we give it as much as possible the meaning of culture, the culture of packaging as much as possible in our theme parks to do fusion of Chinese culture and world culture. We go to the United States, Europe, Japan, and I think Oct should be proud of, because we Park and the cultural aspects involved in large-scale song and dance performances are wider than those countries, is long.

2. Pay attention to the connotation and package of culture. As to the folk custom  village, window of the world and the happy valley as well as the ecological parks, we  all try our best to give them cultural connotation, conduct the cultural package and, to  the greatest extent, blend the Chinese culture with the world culture in building our theme  parks. We have gone to America, Europe and Japan, and I think the Overseas China Town  is our pride, because the related cultural lay of our parks and large-scale song and  dance performances is wider and longer than that in those countries. |

third, the theme park construction and development, scientific progress, combining the needs of young people, and continuous innovation. Oct is not only making a new parks want to go beyond the old parks that have done, and hope that the old Park every year or every two years, has a new item appears.

3. The construction of theme parks shall be combined with the development of times, science  and technology progress and demand of the youth, and shall conduct the innovation continuously.  The Overseas China Town not only wants to transcend the old parks when it is building  a new park, but also hopes that there is any new project appear in the old parks  every year or every two years.

Finally, attaches great importance to developing a theme park business model. Theme park into a large, money-back a very long time, if you don't have a business model to support it, so length of tempering is hard to do. Oct is developing theme parks and theme integration of real estate, combined with the inspections and building a tourist city.

4. Pay great attention to the development of business model of theme parks. The investment  of large-scale theme parks is huge, while the withdrawl of funds needs a very long  time. Without any kind of business model to support it to achieve its balance, the business  is hard to survive. The large-scale theme park currently developed by the Overseas China  Town blends with the theme property, which develops and builds a tourism city.


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