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again bring customers for the company 25%-85% profits and attract them mainly because of the quality of service, followed by product and, finally, price!

The returning customers can bring 25%-85% of the profit for the enterprises, while the main  reason that attracts them is service quality, and then product. Price is just the final  reason! 

another study showed that:

Another survey indicates: 

1 satisfied customers will lead to 8 potential business; 1 dissatisfied customers will affect the buying intentions of 25 people and won 1 new customer costs at least 6 times to retain 1 customers!

1 satisfied customer may cause 8 potential deals; 1 unsatisfied customer may affect purchasing  intention of 25 persons; while the cost of winning 1 new customer is at least 6  times of that of keeping 1 old customer! 

1, automatically collect customer data, customer database establish and improve the catering Enterprise  

1. Automatically collect customer data, and establish and complete customer database for the  catering enterprises 

2, multiple call management, multi-channel phone resources data sharing  

2. Multi-way call management realizes resource and data sharing of multi-way phones 

Figure 3, customer analysis model to help understand customer consumption  

3. Customer analysis model figure helps to learn about consumption demand of customers 

4, customer classification, distinguishing gold, quality, General, Hibernate, clients etc.  

4. Automatic customer classification classifies golden, quality, ordinary and asleep customer 

5, Enterprise SMS service, perfect VIP customers service, tap, and awaken dormant account  

5. Enterprise short message services improves VIP customer service, explores ordinary customer and  awakes asleep customers

box 6, fast reservation query, management systems and business processes seamlessly  

6. Fast box reservation search realizes seamless combination of management system and business  process 

7, professional parking management, business value-added services, improve customer satisfaction,  

7. Professional parking lot management is enterprise value-added service and improves customer  satisfaction 

8, reports and data analysis: the utilization ratio of book reports, daily meal boxes, business managers, business, and so on, provide guidance for enterprise decision making data  

8. Report form and data analysis: report form of reservation each day, box utilization ratio  and business volume of business manager, provides guiding data for the operation decision of  the enterprises 

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