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Construction technology of coating

C. Technical preparation

a. primary check acceptance of primary should be smooth, clean and free of floating sand, shells. Concrete and plaster surface moisture content should be less than 10%, PH value is less than 9. Usually new grass-roots in the case of ventilation is in good condition, should be dry for 10 days in the summer and winter for more than 20 days. Construction without inspection of the grass-roots level shall be permitted.

C. Technical preparation

a. Check and acceptance of basic level The basic level should be flat and clear without  floating sand and shell. Moisture content of concrete and plaster coating should be below  10% and PH value below 9. Generally in good ventilation, new-coated basic level should be  dried for ten days in summer and 20 days in winter. Unaccepted basic level should not  be constructed.

b ... model construction area is large, the design should be asked to make a model, after the approval by the design, construction, and as a basis for acceptance.

b. Sample plate When construction area is large, make sample plate according to designing  requirement, which is regarded as acceptance evidence after recognized by designing and constructing  units.

c. scaffolding suitable distance from wall, panels should be of sufficient length, not less than three points of shielding Windows, avoiding construction paint stains.

c. Spot The distance between scaffolds and wall should be proper and bridge plate should  have enough length with more than 3 fulcrums to cover external windows and avoid pollution  by paint in construction.

d. personnel construction team technical leader, major operators to this process construction technology training, qualified before they can post and auxiliary work should be supervised.

d. Staffs There should be technical directors in the team, and main operators should have  technical training on this technique, and no people should be on duty without qualification,  and auxiliary workers should be guided by special person.

(3) treatment of base  

(3) Treatment of basic levels

a base surface inspection

outside wall of the condition have a great relationship and construction of coating performance, thus building in front of the painting, the base for a comprehensive examination is very important. Ajisco many types of coatings, can according to the base using suitable coating products, can also be selected according to customer's coating check if the base surface is consistent with construction requirements.

a Check of basic levels

Fundamental plane of external wall is much related to property of constructed-coating, therefore,  it is very necessary to make a complete check on fundamental plane before coating. There  are many kinds of Ajisco paint, and you can choose proper paint according to situations of  fundamental planes or check whether selected paint by customers conforms to construction.

base strength

by using a Visual, beat, description, such as checks, qualified base should not drop powder, no sand, no cracking and hollowing, surface layer and stripping. Base plastering advanced plastering cement mortar requirements, surface level pressure received light, same color, no brush marks, marks, plastering Cha gently.

Intensity of fundamental plane

Check by range estimation, knocking and portraying, and qualified paint should free from powder,  sand, hollows, layers, fractures and stripping. Plastering of cement mortar fundamental plane should  be up to senior requirement, and the surface should be compacted in uniform color without  lines and traces, and connecting lines should be mild.

surface smoothness

checking the planeness of 4 items: surface roughness, angular vertical, perpendicular to the fa├žade and the yin and Yang of yin and Yang Kok Square. Surface roughness  2m ruler and the wedge-shaped feeler Gage check, plastering the permissible deviation 2 mm; angle square with 200 mm square examination of yin and Yang, plastering the permissible deviation 2 mm; perpendicular to the facade with 2m supporting frame and the foot check, plastering the allowed deviation of 3 mm. In addition, the required slot depth, horizontal even vertical, perfect ribs off the corner, drip line straight, solid, no surface defects, Pan-water gradient meets the design requirements.

Roughness of fundamental plane

There are 4 items in roughness check: surface roughness, verticality of male and female  angles, elevation verticality and up right of male and female angles. Check the surface  roughness with 2m straight ruler and taper ruler with allowable plastering error of 2mm; check  up right of male and female angles with 200mm square ruler with allowable plastering error  of 2mm; check elevation verticality with 2m brace and ruler with allowable plastering error  of 3mm. In addition, cellular seam should be equal in depth and vertical between flat  surface and straight surface with complete edges and angles, and dripping line is straight  and firm without defects on surface, and lashing slope should conform to designing requirement.

base surface dryness

base suitable for construction, outside wall should be completely cured, efflorescence, drying, moisture content should be less than 8%. Place of low temperature, high humidity and poor ventilation, drying time is extended accordingly. Base mortar surface moisture meter available water content determination, mulch can also be used by roughly judgement. Under normal circumstances, the new mortar, dry for 2 weeks in the summer and dry winter for more than 3 weeks new poured concrete dry for 3 weeks in the summer, dry winter moisture content of more than 4 weeks you can meet the requirements.

Dryness of fundamental plane

To make fundamental plane suitable to painting construction, fundamental plane of external wall  should be completely solidified, sodaing and dried with water content below 8%. Extend drying  time in places with low temperature, heavy humidity and bad ventilation. Water content of  fundamental plane can be defined by cement mortar water instrument or roughly judged by film  covering method. Generally, new mortar should be dried for 2 weeks in summer and over  3 weeks in winter; new-poured concrete should be dried for 3 weeks in summer and over  4 weeks in winter to get required water content.


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