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student information management  : 

Student Information Management: 

1. group management trainees, students, potential students, and so on, can be broken down by year, grade unlimited riding, meet various needs:  

1. Manage the graduated students, students at school and potential students in different  categories, which can be further subdivided as to year and driving grade and so on, so  as to meet all types of demands; 

2. you can record student contact details, learn time, home, hobby, individual needs and other information.

2. It can record the information of students such as contact information, learning time,  family address, hobby and individualized demand in details. 

fast record, sound recording:  

Fast Hand, Sound Recording:

call, you can:

During the conversation, it can: 

1. fast record communication with students; if the advice and reactions, so leadership record.

1. Rapidly record the communication content with the students, such as the situation consulted  and reflected by the students, to make the leaders able to check it. 

2. when students call, you can check the previous call logs and editing students call logs, do what students think.

2. When the students call, check the previous call record and edited student conversation log , to think what they''re thinking of. 

3. the full recordings were complaints made by students in the leadership are in control, and standard coaches and school staff work standard h and work etiquette.

3. Whole-course sound recording makes all the student complaints under the control of the  leaders, and normalize the working specification and working courtesy of the driving instructor and  the staff. 

4. students make an appointment, throughout the recording, if the students their own reasons for being late or skipping class, has been documented to avoid disputes.

4. When the students reserve for driving instruction, also have whole-course sound recording. If  the students are late or skip the classes for their own reason, there is evidence to  check, to avoid dispute. 


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