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     Xiamen leap translation company is one of the nation's largest chain of translation companies. Xiamen translation company personnel located within major cities and universities abroad, Government and Xiamen, Xiamen is well-known enterprises fixed-point units. In particular, and the United States and the United Kingdom, and Germany is famous translation company, has an international network. Hubin road, Xiamen, Xiamen translation company is located in. Has more than 2,300 more than in-service part-time translators. Company dedicated to translation services also offers a variety of technical exchanges, business negotiations, accompanied by professional interpretation services. Is a long-term partner of the Xiamen City Government, and other famous enterprises. Xiamen, Xiamen is one of the many translation companies of choice for the enterprise translation units.

     the company also provides customers with website localization, software localization, typesetting, layout, printing and other integration services.  

     "professional, fast and efficient" is our motto. To this end, we have established a strong multidisciplinary, multilingual and professional team, have established special departments, and strictly implements the ISO9001 quality assurance system and project manager, to ensure professional translation services, usability, accuracy, and timeliness. The company currently employs hundreds of people with rich experience and high professionalism of professional translators, including dozens of senior translators in the translation industry reputation and senior revisers, and with several well-known United States strong cooperation and European peers, all work together to solve your translation problems. Xiamen, Xiamen translation company provides translation, translation company in Xiamen, Xiamen, English translation, interpretation of Xiamen, Xiamen, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous translation in Xiamen, Xiamen minority language translation, language translation, to the Xiamen City and Fujian province's Quanzhou, Putian, Zhangzhou, Nanping, Fuzhou, LongYan, siming district stands ready to provide timely and accurate translations.

     Xiamen leap translation with a number of transnational corporations and the Government sector translation signed a long-term contract, and flexible way to reduce current procedures, to provide customers with maximum convenience and benefits. Focuses on long-term cooperation in all aspects for the customer, help customers save time, effort and cost. Within the company, we optimize and integrate internal resources, reduce operating costs, so as to further reduce the price of services, and continuously improve our performance and competitiveness in the industry.

     We are dedicated to providing you with quality and efficient service, as your long-term partner for you to contribute to the development of our greatest strengths.

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